Mass Schedules
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Holy Mass

Saturday: 5:00 PM

Sunday: 7:30 AM; 9:00 AM (Italian);
10:30 AM; 11:45 AM; 1:00 PM; 5:00 PM

Daily Mass

Mon-Wed-Fri: 7:00 AM & 12 Noon
Tues-Thurs: 8:30 AM & 12 Noon
First Friday: 7:00 AM; 8:30 AM & 12 Noon
Sat: 8:30 AM (no Noon Mass)


Saturday: 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM and by appointment or when requested


First Friday: Continuous Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament 9:00 AM-9:30 PM (except July & August)

The Holy Rosary follows the 7:00 AM and precedes the 8:30 AM and the Noon Mass each day.
The Miraculous Medal Novena follows Noon Mass every Monday.


Whitestone, New York Weddings
Congratulations on your decision to get married!
We here at the parish of Saint Luke are here to help you get to the Altar.
Some basic Questions and Answers
Q. How long before our perspective wedding day should we contact St. Luke
A. The Bishop requires that in all cases couples meet with a Priest or Deacon at least
six months before the date of the wedding. Our number is (718) 746-8102.
Q. Can we reserve the reception hall before we meet with a Priest or Deacon?
A. Absolutely not! You cannot make any reservations until the Priest or Deacon has
conducted their interview.
Q. On what days can we get married? What about the times?
A. Although weddings can take place on any day of the week, usually weddings are
scheduled as follows: Friday afternoons (No weddings are celebrated on the First
Friday of each month due to the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament), Saturdays
10:30am, 1:00pm and 3:00pm and Sundays at 3:00pm (except Baptism Sundays,
generally the second and fourth Sunday of the month). The parish secretary
cannot give information relative to availability over the phone. Both date and
time are scheduled with the Priest or Deacon.
Q. What time should we get there for our wedding?
A. All weddings are expected to begin on time. We encourage you, therefore, to be
present at least 15 minutes before your wedding begins so that we can start on
Q. Can another Priest preside at our wedding?
A. Yes. We are most pleased here at St. Luke Church to welcome other priests to
celebrate weddings. Please discuss this with the interviewing priest.
Q. What about music?
A. All your music questions can be answered by Jessica Tranzillo Smith, the parish
Director of Music. She can be reached at (718) 746-3862. Kindly do not make
any decisions about music without first discussing your request and seeking her
advice and permission.

Q. What paperwork must be completed before we can get married?*
A. The basic paperwork needed is the following. Additional paperwork may be
needed depending on your particular situation.
a. Baptismal certificates. Newly issued certificates must be obtained dated
six months before your wedding. Originals are not sufficient for this
b. Testimonial Letters of Freedom to Marry. To be given to you by the
church – one for each of you, signed by two people affirming that you are
free to marry in the Catholic Church. Must be signed in front of Priest,
Deacon or Notary Public.
c. Pre-Cana Certificate. Pre-Cana is mandatory for all seeking the sacrament
of marriage. The Priest or Deacon will give you the information you need
to contact the Pre-Cana office in the diocese. Upon completion of Pre-
Cana, a certificate of attendance must be given to the Priest or Deacon.
d. New York State Marriage License. May be obtained from any County
Clerk Office in the state of New York.
*All documentation must be completed and returned to the rectory 4 weeks
prior to your wedding day.
Q. How much is the offering to the Parish for our wedding day?
A. The offering to the Church is $500. The offering for the organist and singer is
$300. The total offering to the parish and to the organist and the singer may be
paid in cash or by one check (made out to St. Luke Church) for the amount of
$800 no later than the night of the rehearsal.
Q. What about our wedding rehearsal?
A. All wedding rehearsals are scheduled with the Priest or Deacon who is presiding
at your wedding. They are usually about a week before the actual wedding date.
Please do not schedule any dinner reservations before scheduling the rehearsal
date with the Priest or Deacon.
Q. What about our floral arrangements?
A. Floral arrangements should be simple and not a distraction to the liturgy.
Draping that stops people from getting in or out of pews is not permitted.

Q.  Can a runner be placed down the center aisle?
A.  No.  Once again out of concern for safety, the use of a runner is NOT permitted here at Saint Luke.
Q. What can be thrown at our wedding?
A. Nothing is permitted to be thrown inside the church before, during or after the
ceremony, especially the throwing of flower petals. Outside, due to concern over
the safety of your guests, as well as of the birds, the throwing of rice, confetti and
rose petals are not permitted. Use of bubbles is permitted outside of church at the completion of the ceremony. If you have any questions please speak with the Priest or Deacon.

Q. Is photography permitted inside the church?
A. Pictures are a wonderful way to preserve the memories of your wedding
ceremony, however we ask that your photographer be made aware that the church
is a holy place and that their conduct should reflect our belief as Catholics.
Photographers are asked to see the Priest or Deacon on the day of the wedding to
work out any details and answer any questions they may have.
Q. Are Wedding Planners permitted?
A. A decision to have a Wedding Planner is up to you, however, please be aware that
all decisions regarding the ceremony in the church are the responsibility of the
Priest or Deacon as the wedding is a religious ceremony.
Q. Can members of the family or friends participate in the ceremony?
A. The church encourages such participation. However, please exercise care in
who you ask to participate so that they will be able to fulfill what you are asking
them to do without putting them under pressure or becoming a distraction. At a
wedding Mass all those who participate should be Catholic.
Any other questions, please feel free to speak to any of the priests.

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